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We are a global social project that gives you an opportunity increasing your capital.Our work is based on the principles of openness and accessibility. Our users do not have to learn how to play in the stock market, do not need to invest fabulous facilities and spend a lot of time to work with the service.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to provide convenient opportunities to improve the financial condition of the participants. If you and your friends are investing consciously, knowing exactly how much they will get for it - we believe that the mission of the project is done right.

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What We Do

Earn honestly and without risk nowadays is quite difficult - especially in the Internet. We have simplified the rules and removed all the possible limitations. Made the system available to the common user.

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Our Packages

Free Trial

Account Type
  • $0 Reserve
  • Withdrawals Limited
  • Period Unlimited


Account Type
  • Profit: 150%
  • Referrer commission (1 lvl): 35%
  • Referrer commission (2 lvl): 10%
  • Referrer commission (3 lvl): 5%
  • Cash out commission% 10%


Account Type
  • Profit: 160%
  • Referrer commission (1 lvl): 40%
  • Referrer commission (2 lvl): 10%
  • Referrer commission (3 lvl): 5%
  • Cash out commission% 8%


Account Type
  • Profit: 165%
  • Referrer commission (1 lvl): 45%
  • Referrer commission (2 lvl): 10%
  • Referrer commission (3 lvl): 5%
  • Cash out commission% 5%

Our Partners

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Skrill
  • OKPay
  • Payeer
  • Payza
  • Alipay
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • PerfectMoney

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this project about?

Sharemoney is a global social project that gives an opportunity for people to raise their income with the help of such thing as sharing money.

Can I open 2 or more accounts?

Yes, you can make it as many as you like. The only thing is that you have to specify different email address for each of the accounts.

Is My Personal Information Safe?

We protect any information you give us. We’re serious about Security & Privacy. For more details See our Privacy Policy.

What Account’s Types can you offer?

It’s up to you what type is more beneficial for you. But the more popular one is Silver Account’s Type.

Can I earn money without activation fee?

Yes, you can. For users who can try our system for free may have Free Trial mode. You can use Active mode in Free Trial to earn the money.

Where can i find my earning balance?

Open a dashboard in your account. There you can see your current balance. It is an amount that you can withdraw from Sharemoney.

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Just joined. Took 1 minute. If the site is a dud, I just lost 1 minute. But if it works. That would be awesome!

Rob Thomson Germany

Great this is awesome. This will be a great potential site.

Samantha Fox Italy

Looks quite alright to me. I say, let's work it out!

Marcus Fransson Canada

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